About Us

Kash Clothing is a Black-owned, new & diverse street urban clothing company. Kash Clothing was founded in Phenix City, Al. Kash's mission is to provide its customers with quality and urban street clothing. 

The Meaning of KASH: Kash is a double meaning which stands for Knowledgable Acting Street Hustlers - Keeping A Steady Hustle 

Backstory: Kash Clothing was an idea started in 2014 Kyzmen (CEO & Founder). The idea of starting a clothing line together was out on the backburner as both of their lives were moving in different directions. In July of 2016 after having a few meetings with business people in the area, Kyzmen put his plan into motion to launch Kash Clothing. Kash Clothing officially launched in September of 2016. 

History of B.C the Bag: The logo for Kash Clothing is an idea totally crafted from the mind of Kyzmen; inspired by The Hundred's ticking bomb logo. The name which comes from our team member, Briasia, means Been Chasing the Bag. 

Kyzmen Wood, CEO | Founder | Designer 
Briasia Jenkins, Design Assistant | Model
Sarah Grace Dubois, Design Assistant | Model 
David Grant, Design Assistant | Model